Have you seen an error like this:

Not all websites are developed according to a standard so in some instances our technology does not enable us to add a Widget to the webpage.  However, we do track these site constrains & periodically we do a bulk review of sites to resolve, enabling you to add a Widget to your Post

So, if the site is important for you please let us know you are experiencing this issue & we will try to resolve the specific domain.  Send us an In App chat request (messaging icon in the lower right).

Note: you always have the option to share the Post without a Widget.  

FYI: we are currently blocking short links from being used within a Post.  Short links include bit.ly, goo.gl, buff.ly...and of course this includes our own short links: clclp.me, clp.guru.  The reasoning for this is that each domain within the short link can have a different display method therefore recommend creating a Post to the actual domain rather than the short link pointing to it.

If you want to wrap the CliClap link with such a link shortner you can do this following the creation of the CliClap link.

Questions? please send us an In-App chat (icon in lower right of the app).

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