We have found in some cases that after a user installs our CliClap script on their websites they then evaluate the performance of their website and say:

...hey, the page is taking too long to load...we haven't changed anything except for adding your script!

In essence, it might have been a while since you last revisited your website performance so let's review together how the CliClap script interacts with your website and share some useful tools to understand what's happening under the hood.

The purpose of the script is to track a visitor's journey on your website and share our content recommendation Widgets on the indicated web pages.  Although the script is loaded throughout the website it does not mean that Widgets are displayed on each page, this is part of the setup with our users.

Our script is initiated following the loading of the web page.  We purposely do not want to interfere with the page load and therefore although the script is loaded in parallel (asynchronously) to all other website resources (thus not a blocking activity), we only begin our processing after we receive notification that the page has loaded. 

If you have a concern, we recommend you check your website before and after you install our script.  You can use tools such as these to analyze your website load speed and learn about areas of improvement.  You can track our script within these tools: bootstrap-widget.js 

If you'd like to discuss with us further, feel free to send us a chat using the icon in the lower right within the app.

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