Have you read the article on insights regarding Manage Post view?
In the article we review the initial hurdles you need to complete before getting to the click on your CTA, the ultimate goal.  In this article we focus on the question:

  1. Does my CTA spark an interest & desire to find out more? - Click Here for more information

Are you reviewing your CliClap engagements in the Manage Widget view & not seeing the results you had hoped for?

  • Clicks on Widgets - The number of clicks your Widget received

Your reader already opened your Post & has now clicked on your CTA, wow, you've made it!  

If not, you might consider spicing up your Widget.

  • Make sure you have a compelling CTA that follows up & relates to the article they just read.  
  • Make sure you have engaged them enough so that they want to read more & find out what is behind your CTA.  
  • Lastly, connect the dots for your readers so that they don't want to miss out on this vital information!  Ok, maybe not life sustaining but...you get it.
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