Are you reviewing your CliClap engagements in the Manage Post view & not seeing the results you had hoped for?

Let's face it, your goal is to get your readers to click on the CTA you are promoting to reach a specific landing page on your website,  sign up for a special offer, download a whitepaper, progress in the marketing funnel...but you need to pass the following hurdles first, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is my social reach large enough...
  2. Is my headline engaging to my audience? -  Read this...
  3. Is the article I am sharing relevant & current? - The Millenium bug, are you prepared?
  4. Does my CTA spark an interest & desire to find out more? - Click Here for more information

Let's review together what the numbers could indicate.

  • Clicks on Post - The number of clicks your Post received

Typically a person will see your share & based on the article title, picture or your comment/headline they will click on your Post.  

Let's start with your headline: Is your comment on your shared media engaging, have you personalized it with your own thoughts or opinions or are you simply passing the content in hopes that it in itself is interesting?

Your headline can connect the dots for your audience: why is it important for them to read the article? How does the article correlate to your market?  Sometimes you need to spell it out for them.

For additional best practices on curating an ideal headline.

Next, let's look at the article itself.  If you are receiving a high number of clicks on your Post that's a good sign, you've managed to pique their interest.  However, if the bounce rate is high that indicates they opened & shut your Post just as quickly!

Key here is to resist the temptation to publish everything you see on your topic.  You need to filter through & pass on articles you're not 100% sure off.  Hopefully this will help you focus on developing into a thought leader or one who exposes their readers to items they may not have come across on their own or...simply one that shares cool & interesting articles. 

Part 2 of this article focuses on insights in the Manage Widget view.

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