White papers, e-books, Case studies...these are common B2B lead magnets shared with your visitors to capture their contact information in order to read your gated content.

This article isn't going to address why you should or shouldn't gate content but you can take a look at our blog article on the topic.  This article is to share with you how you can find out what happens after your visitor opens your PDF.

Your visitors will continue the process as they have always done, whether it is completing a form or not and once they click on the link to open your PDF we will step in.  With our script running on your website pages we can identify the PDF link and open in our own PDF reader allowing us to provide you with the same engagement parameters we share for your website pages visited.  

Going forward we will provide additional information along with functionality allowing you to interact with your visitor within the PDF, i.e. ask them qualification questions.

Interested in capturing PDF engagement data via CliClap?  Simply ask us to turn on this feature...it's that simple.

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