The Manage Goals view provides you with a list of your Goal Widgets.  It helps you with a view on how your Goals are performing.  In this view you can compare the effectiveness of your Goals.

The view can be filtered by the date range  (upper right of Managed Goals view)

The details of a Goal provide: the Creation Date, Description, Type (Form or Landing Page), Tags

The Engagement metrics provided are:

  • Impressions  - number of times the Goal was displayed
  • Clicks - number of clicks received on the Engagement State (CTA button) of the Goal 
  • Conversions - number of clicks on the Form State submission or from your Landing Page submission (tracked only if our script is running on the Landing Page URL)
  • CTR (Click Through Rate) equals the percentage of Impressions/Clicks
  • Conversion Rate - equals the percentage of Impressions/Conversions

Actions available: Edit/Duplicate/Delete

Lastly, don't forget to Automate your Goal widgets and add the Goal tags within the Website Tree so that your goals appear on specific web pages.

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