What are the steps required to start benefiting from CliClap ?

  • Website Integration Setup - installing our script on your website to enable autonomous recommendations for your visitors¬†
  • Branding your identity - customize the look and feel of our smart sidebar to reflect your company branding
  • Website Tree settings - review your website and determine which pages should display Widgets and which tags are associated to your webpages
  • Content Pattern Setting - after the script has been running for a few days and CliClap has accumulated visitor engagement traffic, you can set up the content patterns (i.e. *blog*) you want CliClap to search and share engagement details on pages that might be relevant for widgets ¬†
  • From the Discover Content view or the Create Widget view - create some content assets from your website content

If you want to drive content to your website, share 3rd party/owned content you need to create & share Posts

  • Creating a Post - Identifying a URL to interesting content and share within your social channels
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