There's always new features coming out so we've collated the most recent for you so that you can easily read and learn about them.

Slicker look & Feel

Within the Branding Settings you can now change the gradient of the elements within the widgets:

  • Check out the emoji's you can now add to all the text boxes.  Have more fun with your copy and make it more engaging. 
  • Now you can collapse the left menu when you want to expand the view
  • You'll also notice that we have softened/rounded all of the elements 

Export Utility

From the Website Engagement, Manage Widget, Manage Goal, Manage Post, views you can now utilize an Export option which downloads a CSV file of the view allowing you to review the numbers and generate charts from the data and compare month over month.  Remember to change the date range prior to selecting the Export option.

Have you started using the new Goal Widget yet?

The goal widgets are running on a separate dedicated AI engine determining when is the best time to convert your visitors.  It allows you to add functionality to your website and attribute your conversions while leveraging your marketing automation scripts or utilizing your own landing pages.

Other goodies you may not be leveraging:

  • Discover Content - provides you with a list of your content assets available for widgets and displays visitor engagement data to help you decide which content to promote.

Have fun & convert more visitors to leads!!

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