When the Website Integration is setup, CliClap is able to monitor your traffic and autonomously recommend content, at the right time, to engage your visitor in a content journey.  Website Engagement shares the traffic counter and behavior.

A Post is the content you want to share, it can be your own content or curated content (something you found on the web that you think will interest your audience).

A Widget is the smart sidebar which appears to the right of the page so that your audience keeps your company in view & includes a personalized Call to Action or link to a specific landing page your want to promote.

Posts can be shared on your social media channels, emails, newsletters...and typically include a Widget.

Widgets also appear on your own websites, when our script is uploaded, and will autonomously recommend content to your visitors.

Still have a question, no worries, reach out to us via the Chat Icon on the lower right of the app.

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