The Discover Content view provides you with a list of your content assets based on the patterns setup in the Content Pattern Settings which do not currently have widgets based on the URL.  

Note all the metrics are filtered by the date range  (upper right of Discover Content view).

The details of this view provide: 

  • Discovered On - The date when the CliClap script was installed or the date the page was added to the website and discovered by CliClap following 1st visitor on the page.
  • Content Description - A thumbnail from the URL and short description of the content asset.
  • Type - The content type set in the Discover Content Settings for the pattern
  • Tags - Tags associated with the URL which were setup in the Website Tree Settings
  • Page Views - How many visitors have reached this page. 
  • Avg Time On Page - The average time visitors spent on this page.
  • Avg scroll On Page - The average scroll percentage visitors scrolled on this page.
  • Actions - you can Create a Widget directly from the icon or Preview the URL:

Based on the visitor engagement on a page you can determine the quality of the content, if the time on page and scroll % are high changes are the content is relevant. Likewise, if you have low values it could be that your content is less relevant therefore less engaging.

For example, if you had the following metrics, you might consider adding this content to a widget.

But these metrics indicate high bounce rate a low engagement.

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