The Manage Posts view provides you with a list of your Posts.  They can be filtered by the date range or social profile (upper right of Managed Posts view)

The details of a Post provide: the Creation Date, Headline Content details and type of Clip linked (Text, Image or none).

The Engagement metrics provided are the number of clicks received on the Post, the number of clicks received on the Widget & the percentage Bounce Rate on the Post.

If a + plus appears to the left of the Post date the information is then broken down further by social channel:


  • If the Post was shared via CliClap then the specific social channel profile will be included.  
  • If the Post was shared manually by copying the short link into a social media app, then we only capture the channel & not the specific profile used in posting.

To learn more about what we can infer from these metrics, please take a look at this article on insights on the Manage Post view.

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