The Discover Content feature helps you discover content for new widgets and basing your decision on the visitor engagement metrics.  

In order to use the Discover Content option you need to create some patterns.

Click on the Add New Wildcard Content Pattern, this will open up a new entry with your main main domain pre-selected:

  • Domain - you can click in the domain field and a drop down list will appear with all the sub-domains, select the relevant domain i.e if this is where your content assets are found.
  • Content Pattern - Setup wildcard content patterns such as *blog* which will identify all pages with the word blog within the URL. 
pattern - *blog*  would include these URLs:

If you want to restrict the search to a particular folder indicate the full string, i.e. *blogs/* which will search for a folder name including blog/ rather than URLs with the word blog within the URL.

pattern - blog/*  would only include this URL:
  • Content Type - Select from a drop down list of different content types to align with the pattern you are defining.

To learn more about what you see in the Discover Content view.

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