From the left menu select Settings and then Web Integration, this is where you can copy the script with your unique ID and validate that the script is installed properly. This script will enable CliClap to track your traffic and automate recommended content journeys for your visitors.

  • Script - contains the JavaScript required to upload to your website with your unique ID
  • Content websites - the list of websites you are managing with content recommendations
  1. If you are installing the script yourself, click </> Copy code and the script will be copied to your clipboard. Now paste this script into the bottom of the < HEAD > of every webpage on your website. It may be easier to use plugins or tag managers in order to load the JavaScript sitewide. Alternatively, paste the script into an email and send to the website administrator or developer to update the webpages. 
  2. Once the script has been placed on the website, click + Add new website to add the website URL to the Content websites list.  After validating the website exists a yellow icon will appear.  
  3. Click Check connection to confirm that everything is all set on the back end.  Once this step is completed a green icon will appear next to the website URL.

You can add or delete 1 or more websites from this page.
Note: if your website undergoes changes it is advisable to check the connection to ensure everything is working properly.

If you have any questions with this step please reach out to us via the Chat option (lower right icon).

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