From the left menu bar select Account Settings\Branding, you can add your corporate identity and edit the widgets by customizing every element so that it follows your company's marketing guidelines.  

In each stage you can view your changes in the preview on the right side of the page.

There are 4 parts of the branding setup:

  • Theme - Customize each element color, font, font style

You can capture your company's look & feel by adding color to your branding by selecting the color of the background, widget, button, tab and text.  Select the colors from either the color picker or you can enter the 6 digit hex number directly.

Each text element can also have their own font and font style.  

On the right side you can preview how your changes will look and you can toggle between seeing it on the dashboard or mobile.

  • Shape - Choose between the hexagonal or square shape
  • Position - Determine where you want the tab to appear within your dashboard: left, middle or right.  Note: on mobile the tab will always appear in the middle.
  • Text - Customize the text that will appear on the on-boarding or journey widgets

When you are happy with all of your changes don't forget to click Save so that your branding will be saved!

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