From the Home Page select Branding Setup, you can add your corporate identity and edit the sidebar by customizing every element so that it follows your company's marketing guidelines.  

In each stage you can view your changes in the preview on the right side of the page.

There are 3 stages of the branding setup:

  • Brand Details - Add your company, brand name or tag line you want to display
  • Theme and Colors - Customize each element, color, font, font size
  • Avatar Profile - Add a profile to your branding, either a specific individual or we recommend an avatar

The top element real estate is setup in the 1st and 3rd steps: all fields are optional and can be used to introduce the content bot or reflect the company slogan/tagline.  

Brand Details

When adding the branding icon, note it is rectangular and best pixel size is 85x15 but leave margins since you will be able to crop your icon. 

Theme and Colors

You can capture your company's look & feel by adding color to your branding by selecting the color of the background, widget, button, tab and text.  Select the colors from either the color picker or you can enter the 6 digit hex number directly.

Each text element can also have their own font and font size.  Note the default font sizes are the largest for each element.

Avatar Profile

At the final step you can include a profile, we recommend an avatar and a GIF gets the most attention.
When adding the profile icon, note it is circular and best pixel size is 60x60 but leave margins since you will be able to crop your icon. 

When you are happy with all of your changes don't forget to click Done so that your branding will be saved!

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