You're enjoying CliClap but would prefer promoting your own short link.  You want to promote your brand in all aspects of your social media exposure.  It helps build a level of trust, consistency and familiarity with your brand.  It let's your audience become familiar with your custom link and makes it stand out from the other common short link options out there today.

We totally get it!

How do we make this happen:

  • If you have a domain, excellent, (but please ensure it is not used for other activities)  otherwise you will need to purchase one (GoDaddy, Namecheap, 1&1 and are all popular options)
  • You'll need to purchase  Wildcard SSL certificate (e.g. comodo ) for your new domain.
  • Once you have completed the two action items above you will need to send the domain name and SSL certificates to our technical team to setup the configuration on our end.
  • The last step will require you to update the DNS configuration of the new domain 

Turn around time from when we receive your information is within 5 business days.

At any time during this process if you need our technical assistance we are here to support you.  Just give us a shout or maybe just send a Chat (lower right of the app) and we will do our best to make the transition as quickly and easily as possible.

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