If you have some interesting content you'd like to share, copy the link from your browser & then paste it into the Create Post page:

There are 4 stages of the Create Post process:

  • Set the URL for the Post - Copy and paste a URL as the Post content
  • Select the Tags - Use tagging to segment your audience (optional)
  • Select Widget Mode - Determine which mode of widgets to use (automated, manual)
  • Copy Short Link - Copy the CliClap short link for use in social channels, emails...
  1. Step one is to identify the content you want to use and copy the link and paste it into the text box below and select Preview to validate we can read and access the page.  If everything is ok, click Next to continue to the next step.

2. The next step is to select Tags associated to the Post content, this is an optional step for those using Tags for segmented content.

3. In step 3 you will select whether the linked Widget will selected automatically or manually.  Using the Automated mode will allow all the Widgets with the parameter Add to my automated widgets selected to be attached when the Post is shared.

If you select the Manual option you will then need to select an individual Widget to attach to the Post.

4. In the last step you can:

  • copy the Short URL - the links you can share via your social media channels, Facebook Ads Manager, LinkedIn Campaign Manager or you can copy directly to emails, messaging apps, links within a blog, ad-networks etc.
  • edit the Widget and Tags
  • preview the Post
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