UTM does it just mean U Tell Me?  Maybe if you are writing a text message but here it stands for the Google abbreviation Urchin Tracking Module.  A UTM tag is a tracking marker appended to a URL, and is recognized by Google Analytics as a dimension, just like average time on site, for example.  Read this article for a more in-depth understanding.

CliClap Traffic Tracking

If you are analyzing your traffic in a web tool, like Google Analytics, you can track all the incoming traffic from CliClap with the default UTM tags.  So when your audience clicks on your CTA you can track in your web analytic tools incoming traffic from CliClap.

This is how it looks in the browser when I have www.cliclap.com as my CTA link:

You can customize these values by updating them in the UTM Setup page.

Individual Clip Tracking

CliClap also allows you to include individual UTM tags in your Clips to track specific traffic, i.e. for campaigns.  If, for example, you had a Clip promoting registration to an event you could assign the campaign tag to registration.

If you will be including your own UTM tags in Clips to differentiate the traffic you will need to choose NOT to override these tags by removing the check mark in the tick box below in the UTM Setup.

To continue with my earlier example, once my CTA is clicked the browser will now display the following:


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