Neil Patel explains it like this:

Retargeting allows you to place a retargeting pixel on your website, which is invisible, since it’s just a snippet of code.
A retargeting pixel places a cookie inside the visitor’s browser, so their information is saved in your account (for example, on Google Analytics, Facebook or Twitter).
This allows you to serve ads specifically to those who have been on your website before, which is what makes retargeting so successful.
On average, retargeting ads show a 10x increase in click-through rates (CTR), since people can already relate to your ad.

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Retargeting lets you target with ads, people who clicked on Posts you shared through CliClap. Our unique solution enables you to target not only people who visit your site, but also those visiting 3rd party content you shared. 

If you need further assistance setting up retargeting, feel free to drop us a request via the chat option in our app (lower right corner).

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